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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Against an illegal World Call Ban!!

All right people, we have an issue... There is a site WCCFTech ( This site has been banned by World Call. Therefore, no one using a World Call connection will be able to access WCCFTech. This site is THE most ├╝ber technical treasure chest out there... ALL your technical questions are solved here within minutes! The most stick-together community ever! There is a special attention games, professional hardware reviews by professional reviewers, and best of all, it is 100% Pakistani and run by 100% Pakistanis! Due to some unknown reasons, World Call decided it would be cool to ban it and so they did... ALL OTHER ISPs ARE ALLOWING ACCESS EXCEPT World Call! All our attempts to contact World Call have gone in vain. They simply refuse to listen and believe that they have authority to ban or un-ban any site they likewithout answering to anyone. I would seriously request you people to submit one complaint against thisaggressive behavior of World Call on Pakistan's Telecom Authority complaintspage...Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA)Pakistan Telecom Authority - Complaints(PTA Complaints).

NOTE: World Call is not listed in the ISP list! Select "CPP" & World Call willappear I the second list! Please enter valid information in the fields as its important or else, your complaint will be rejected! Complaint remarks are very important!Remember to give reference to the site in question!

Sample Header:Site in question: WCCFTech Pakistan (

This above-mentioned site's access has been blocked by World Call for everyWorld Call broadband user.Points for Complaint remarks:Note: mix up these valid reasons to create a two to three line complaint remark...

*No ISP in Pakistan has authority to ban any site.

*The site in question has no object-able material whatsoever.

* The site in question is a trading central and is a front for introducing exciting new computer peripherals in Pakistan.

*The site has operated for just a little over two years and has completelychanges the concept of consumers as it increased awareness to a new dimension.

* World Call is continually ignoring our request to remove the ban without anyresponse

*70% of WCCFTech members are connecting using World Call Go4B connections and now, they are unable to access the WCCFTech site/forums.

Sample Remark: Note: This remark has been sent! Please do not copy paste!!

Site in question: WCCFTech Pakistan ( This above-mentioned site's access has been blocked by World Call for every World Call broadband user. All other ISPs are allowing access except World Call. When questioned, they refused to provide any reason and told me that the ban inforever. The site is out-class online forum with extreme technical talk and troubleshooting. I recently joined that forum and I can claim it to be the center oftechnical and upcoming new technologies in the world of computers and especially games. Almost 70% of the forum members connect through World Call. Due to some unknown reasons, World Call has blocked access to WCCFTech and is no longer replying to our query regarding the reason(s) behind such a ban. After much discussion among us members, we have decided to take legal actionagainst World Call. However, since PTA is the supreme authority, we turn to youfor help.How can one ISP block access to any site? There is no object able materialwhatsoever on the website. It is a Pakistani website and has been hosted on atraffic-based domain... without traffic on WCCFTech, we may loose our hostsupport, and the forum will be taken down.I, with utmost due respect, on the behalf of WCCFTech, request you that usingyour authority our ISPs of Pakistan, please resolve this matter as soon aspossible. Note, that no other ISP is blocking us.I am readily available to further discuss this matter on my cell or at anymeeting point. Thank you!

Sample Complain:

Lastly...If you believe this is some kind of a gag then, please check all the links...they are valid and this is happening as I write! Your five minutes complain just might save the hard work of dedicated peopleworking for a much more technically modern Pakistan! This forum came into beingafter a lot of serious issues... it stayed unharmed for two years. but this latest *open attack* by World Call is seriously affecting us! I request all of you, please do write a complaint... just one... it barely takes5 minutes and you just might stop a tragedy from happening!

Thank You!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Evening turning to night..10,000 feet over Bangkok..

Pics taken from a point n shoot Canon Ixus.